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Friday, February 25, 2005

Day Off

The best part of my day off... waking up, trying to remember what day it is in the early morning fog, and then realizing that I don't have to work today.

After that, it's pretty much downhill. Just goes by too fast.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Customers who Kick Ass, Part One

This is the first post in a series of regular posts highlighting the kinds of customers who truly make bartenders smile.

#1 - Folks who order water, and leave you a couple bucks for your trouble. You're the sweetest!

I toast your sobriety and your good tipping taste. Your glass will never run dry when I'm around, and I actually enjoy conversing with non-slurring customers.


Enough with the Cosmos, already.

Listen up, hipster girls... Sex and the City is soooooo pre-9/11. The Cosmopolitan doesn't make you look cool and sexy, it only makes you appear uncreative and wasted. The stuff is high octane, don't you know that? Be a big girl, and order a real martini, already. It looks even cooler. Promise!

Also, it's increasingly difficult to hide the auto-eye-roll when you lovelies order your Cosmos in triplicate. Be original!!! Try a Gimlet, or a Bombay Sapphire Desert Dry Martini; they taste yummy, and you'll earn a respectful nod from your favorite Tavern Wench/Tavern Duder. I'll even put it in one of those sassy martini glasses so that you can run your finger seductively around its rim, just like your beloved Cosmo.


Ooooh! My first entry!

Well, ok... not really my first entry. Nudge, nudge!!

Hello, blog dorks! With the proliferation of server rants now populating the blogosphere, I thought it high time to discuss another aspect of the hospitality business... bartending.

I'm Jen, I've been bartending for over ten years now, and do I have stories!

My personal goals for this blog:

  • A place where bartenders can hang their hats, rant away, and blow off some steam. Blow it off here, my bar lovelies... it's preferable to throwing a Sapphire Gimlet in someone's face. I'm here to save your job!
  • I want to share my stories, tips, advice and what-not with the species known as Bar Customers. You know who you are... here's where you'll learn how to get into that special barmaid's heart.
  • It is my special, and most fervent, wish to rid America of the word "barmaid."

Fun stuff to follow... keep your eyes on this spot before you order or serve another fuckin' stupid Yuppie Cosmo!

In closing my first ever blog entry, I'd like to give props to my inspiration, the enormously talented and funny "Waiter" of Waiter Rant. You can find his fabulous blog at http://waiterrant.blogspot.com/. Nobody nails this industry better, with panache and cut, than Waiter. Check it out!