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Monday, November 24, 2008

Job Search Update

I got nothin'.

It's brutal out here, you guys.  Send good thoughts.  And job leads! And if you're out imbiding, tip your favorite bartender a little extra this week, for me.

In other news, who couldn't use a laugh these days? Thank you, Louis CK! Perspective, indeed.

UPDATE: I still don't have a job! Ha! But a hearty welcome to Balloon-Juicers, and thanks to the inimitable John Cole, whose writing earned its rightful place in my 2008 Election Survival Kit, for the tag.  Make yourself at home; hell, I'll even pull out the barstool for you, just this once.  If you're new to the place, and want to figure out what in the hell this blog is about, this is a good place to start. Happy wandering, libations are on the house! 

Strike a light
Raise your glasses
Drink a toast to the boring classes

With Albion-ay
Spew it out your soul
Love is on the dole
And there she will stay

All night long we were singing Northern songs

- The Libertines, "Love On The Dole"

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