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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dave Matthews Band - Riverbend - 6-16-09

Boyd Tinsley - 41 - DMB Riverbend 6-16-09

More pics I snapped here!

Hearing all the new songs for the first time live was thrilling,
and listening to the crowd sing "Jimi Thing" in the middle of a
monsoon is one highlight that comes to mind! I'll update this
post later with a little review, but suffice it to say, fantastic
energy tonight, Cincinnati! And what a show. I mean, really,
what a show!!

This is one band that is at the top of their game. Anyone who
attended can tell you that, and will also tell you it was one
helluva night for Boyd Tinsley (pictured above) and Tim Reynolds.

Please, go buy "Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King." And go
buy a ticket to Indy/Deer Creek! It just isn't summer until you've
gone to see DMB.

(Edit: It's really strange, how Blogger treats IE vs Google Chrome. The posts look fine in IE, but I use GC and they look awful. Not sure about Firefox. Bloggered!!!)