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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Department of Very Weak Bar Come-Ons

Tonight from the front lines:

Tipsy (but not drunk) Guest: "I'm only here another night, let me take you out and you can show me the town."

Bartender (pointing at Tipsy Guest's wedding ring): "Maybe you should call your spouse and see if she'll Google up some Cincinnati maps for you! Or maybe you should just call her, anyway."

Tipsy Guest (not missing a beat): "Hey, I'm not married, but my wife is!!"

Bartender (not missing a beat): "Hey, 1961 called! It wants its Rat Pack pick-up line back!"

Much uncomfortable laughter ensues from Tipsy Guest's unfortunate coworkers. I think he might have been their boss.

To be fair... decent tipper, after all that.

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