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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Late Winter Wonderland

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Covington, Friday night

It's March, but that's beside the point.

This line in a Cincinnati Enquirer article about the Great Ohio Valley Blizzard of 2008TM really jumped off the page (emphasis mine):

The West Chester Kroger at Tylersville and Cox roads plans to stay open all night, says manager Steve Webb. Managers have already asked some staff to stay in the store break room overnight. They also plan to put some people up in local hotels to help keep the store open.

How do they decide which employees get to stay in the "store break room" tonight, and which ones get to stay in local hotels? Do they draw straws? Rock-Scissors-Paper? How much does it suck to be an employee at the West Chester Kroger at Tylersville and Cox this snowy March night?

Be careful out there, everyone. And go throw some snowballs.

Lookin' out my window, sometimes I wonder
Am I ever gonna get to where I'm gonna go home
Maybe tomorrow, maybe next summer
Girl, I just don't know
'Cause I'm snowblind, I can't see a thing
I'm snowblind, I don't wanna sing
I'm snowblind, need a familiar face
I'm snowblind, think I'm lost in space

- Kiss, "Snow Blind"

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