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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Bar Plug

There are bars I enjoy, and bars I don't. There are bars I send my friends to, and bars I won't.

So here's a plug... Molly Malone's in Covington (in the old Jack Quinn's location) is one kick-ass hangout. Get thee there. They can pour a Guiness correctly, as well as a Half-n-Half and a Black-n-Tan. Killer draft selection. And, they pour a full-on generous serving of Tullamore Dew, neat. Never fails, and they don't care who you are. They just pour.

Hell, I'm practically a regular, a good tipper, but when I went in there all incognito, wearing my Tina Fey glasses, they still hooked me up.

This is your Irish Bar, Cincinnati. Well, ok, it's mine, but it could belong to all of us.

Cute, skilled, Irish-accented, authentic bartenders are just a bonus, like the icing, the flava. Stellar cocktail and wait staff. Yummy food. Well-managed. Kick-ass music on the weekends. U2 on the jukebox. Euro-football and rugby on the TV. You'd have to beg them to turn on CNN, honestly. Authentic Irish music certain weeknights. And Bluegrass!!! They consistently book amazing, local Bluegrass acts! Convenient to I-71 and I-75. What the hell else do you need?

It's rare when a drinking establishment can pass my pessimistic, white-gloved, in-the-biz critique. I'm sure any companions of mine are thoroughly annoyed by my ceaseless inspection of the process. Trust me, I would suck as a food and beverage critic. But, for what it's worth (and for the hell of it), this place passes with four stars, a thumbs-up, two snaps, and a circle.

They have their shit so squared away, you wouldn't know that they're new at this town, and you just don't see that happen so often. I've held my tongue on bars and restaurants that have let me down in Cincinnati, but I can't stop talking this one up. It's important to give a shout-out to excellent service and management workers, and just watching this staff inspires me to give even better service.

Molly Malone's. Covington. Be there. And no, I don't work for them. It's just that I enjoy going there because they don't let you down... they do it right, and consistently. Something you don't come across every day in this fly-by-night juke joint drinkin' town.

/fangirl barfly rant

Boy, stupid boy
Don't sit at the table until you're able to toy
Broken toy
Shout and shout, you're inside out
If you don't know, Electric Co.
If you don't know, Electric Co.
Red, running red
Play for real, talk and feel
A hole in your head
You won't shout, you're spoon fed
If you don't know, Electric Co.
If you don't knowElectric Co.
Two, three, four!
I can't stop
Useless is the castle wall
Useless is the metal wall
He's gonna jump

- U2, "Electric Co."

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