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Saturday, January 06, 2007

2006 Food Blog Awards

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The good folks over at Well Fed Network have announced their nominations for the 2006 Food Blog Awards, and, for reasons which I do not understand, this li'l blog was nominated. You can find me in the Best Food Blog - Food Industry category.

I'm flattered to be in the company of these great blogs, imagined by some of the wittiest and most creative people in this industry. I couldn't win the category, as I hardly belong there, especially considering Eggbeater's poetic writing and wonderful photographs, but if you enjoy reading Tavern Wench, and get a kick out of my tales from behind the bar, I'd appreciate your vote. In addition, I promise Universal Health Care, Free College Tuition, and Half-Price Ten Minute Gimlets For All.

Pick Wench!

Be certain to take a look around at the nominees in other categories... you'll discover a really funny, interesting, and/or delightfully educational blog you never knew existed. You only have until midnight (EST) on Tuesday, January 9th to vote for your favorite food sites.

Thanks, and cheers, to Cate and everyone at Well Fed Network for the recognition!

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