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Monday, December 25, 2006

The Long Snap That Ruined Christmas

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I was going to write a long post about the Bengals-Broncos game, but I think we all recognize that there are no words.

If I keep thinking about it, I'm going to start making entirely emotional Brad St. Louis-Kyle Larson-Bill Buckner comparisons, or I'll start cursing again, might even throw something, so I'll just stop. It's Christmas.

I don't know about your family gathering, but it took the holly-jolly right out of ours. I imagine many local families still foolishly wondering if maybe, just maybe, they should have gone for two.
The NFL should consider not having these games on Christmas Eve, next time it winds up on a Sunday. It's like tempting the gods. It's not fair to the kids.

It's been hard out here for a Bengals fan. That game-ending wobbly long snap just kind of summarized two weeks of pain.

To get back in the spirit, today is a day to focus on all that is good and magical and wonderful in life, to think about one's blessings, to feel like a San Diego Chargers fan. It's my Christmas wish that your hearts are filled with love, hope, and cheer. Thank you for visiting, thank you for another great year... I wish I could buy you all a drink!

Merry Christmas!

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