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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gratuitous Nickelback Slam

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Bartenders enjoy a little fun, but often, the last thing a bartender wants to do after a shift is go to another bar. Still... it's the night before Halloween and I'm desperate for some merry-making.

A song by a band that sounded exactly like Nickelback came on the jukebox, prompting a conversation among the bar customers about the merits of Nickelback.

"That's not Nickelback!!" proclaimed the woman to my left. The man to her left said, "Nickelback still sucks," and she smacked him, rather hard, on the hand.

"He only hates Nickelback because I love them," she told me. I hadn't asked.

"So, that's your boyfriend?"

"No, he's my ex-fiancé. We broke up months ago."

"Really? You guys seem pretty close," I probed. They started arguing, I started feeling awkward, and I turned away.

Moments before, they had finished carving a pumpkin that said, "I love you." It was very well done; impressive, in fact.

It might not have been Nickelback on the jukebox after all, but it's clear to me that they're capable of breaking hearts as well as eardrums.

Finally, as an update to last Tuesday's post, the Cincinnati Enquirer has a photo archive of Willie DeLuca's memorial service here. May he rest in peace, so long as peace is a noisy bar crowded with his friends during Monday Night Football. A toast to Willie DeLuca!

Happy Halloween to all. Trick, or treat?

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