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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is there a shelf life on this Mel Gibson thing?

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I hope not, because I want to talk about his taste in tequila... but first....

To update my
earlier post about the proposed minimum wage/estate tax bill, it's nice to see that Senate Democrats unanimously doomed it to failure. It was gutsy, in the sense that now Republicans can say "Democrats blocked our minimum wage increase." Since Dems have been playing this kind of verbal blackmail game and losing for years, it's nice to see them finally standing up for working people. What took them so long? They're taking the gamble that we know better, and that we're bright enough, and patient enough, to think minimum wage increases shouldn't be attached to tax cuts for the wealthy. I'm thinking it's a good bet, but I could be wrong... the talk of the bar the last few nights wasn't wages, it wasn't Mel Gibson, it wasn't the Reds (I'm getting worried about this homestand, although at least we might sweep Atlanta), and it wasn't the Middle East.

The talk of the bar? Gas hit $3.15 a gallon. And baby, it's hot outside.

Since I'm distraught about gas prices, the state of the world, and the Reds especially, let's lighten it up and talk about
Mel Gibson's tequila preferences. I enjoy a good, smooth, sipping tequila as much as the next girl, so I was interested to learn that Mel was busted with an open-container brown-paper-bottle from The House of Cazadores (pictured above). Did he have Blanco, Reposado or AƱejo? Has anyone tried this brand, at home, or on a bar stool? I hear it's popular in southern California, and I'm dismayed that I haven't heard of it or located it (I've made phone calls, that's how obsessed I am with finding Mel Gibson Tequila). Mel's been an ass, and he hasn't made a decent film since "Braveheart", but I sure would like to be hipped to a new tequila, and I'll use him as a vessel if that's what it takes. I'm a bar professional, after all.

So, Cazadores... good? Bad? Indifferent?

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