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Saturday, July 01, 2006

C'mon England

I'm so nervous about England, I can't really talk about it. I actually become physically uncomfortable, and just a little bit bitchy. C'mon, lads!

On Edit: Well, that sucked. Why does England always choke on the PK's during World Cup matches? And that ref waited an eternity before red-carding Rooney. WTF? These are the kinds of things that make soccer so frustrating. At least I've still got Deutschland (und Frankreich! Look out for France, y'all) to root on.

On a brighter note, I did get a kick out of this article...

England Fans Drinking Gelsenkirchen Dry

And besides, England's still got the best WAGs. I'd give anything to be bartending for these cheeky, big-spending, Grey Goose-Red Bull chugging broads during World Cup. And, one of those wonderful things about World Cup is when you discover that the English don't call it "cotton candy." It's "candyfloss." Isn't that fun, in a dental sort of way?

For those watching World Cup, doesn't it seem like the intensity switched to eleven today? After the shock of a few days without matches (following a two-week match orgy), the return to gameplay was almost too much to take. The Germany-Argentina match was heartstopping today; Italy, not so much, because they dominated and looked damned impressive. Germany needs to work.

And, Cincinnati Reds, you rock my world. I had a great time with the bar crowd, while you were busy proving us wrong after writing you off early tonight, but I'd have given anything to have watched Adam Dunn's walk-off slam in person at the ballpark. Great crowd, and what a finish!

Welcome back to First Place, Reds, and thank you for the thrills.

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