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Sunday, June 04, 2006

World Cup? Anyone?

I'm really, really excited, but 'round these parts, I seem to be the only one. It's not just because I think Beckham footballers is are scumptilicious, either.

Plus, it's in Germany, and I speak a little Deutsch, and I just wish I was there, is all. Wouldn't it be fun, hanging out with the world, making mirth, watching football, and not slogging away at my daily gig? You know, to be Prince Harry, or Mischa Barton, for a day? Good thing it's on ESPN.

Last World Cup, I remember this local bar that made a killing opening early and showing all the matches. Any 'Natian's remember which place that was? It was a damned good idea, and became the talk of the town. I went to watch one of the matches there, early morning, and had a blast. You have to admire a bright innkeeper who comes up with an idea everyone else wished they'd been on top of. Of course I can't think of the name, but I want to... because I want to go back.

I try to stay ahead of things, so I went-a-courtin' World Cup Cocktail recipe ideas this evening, and a quick Google yielded something interesting, an impossible recipe called "The Floral Frenzy," winner of the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup (Australia).

Here's the recipe (real-world bartender comments in bold)

The Floral Frenzy

1 ½ oz 42 Below Passionfruit (can I use Pama? It's not Passionfruit, but it's fruity, and I happen to have it)
1 oz Jaggard Lemon Myrtille (Lemon something... I'm pretty sure I don't have it)
1/2 oz Massenez crème de gingembre (¿qué?)

1 oz pressed apple juice (I've got canned...)
1 oz guava nectar (sub simple syrup)
2 drops of geranium water (you're kidding, right?)
½ vanilla pod (I'll ask the kitchen)
Agavero to rinse (Rinse with tequila? Sounds like this drink could use a little tequila. I know the bartender could, by now)
Top with egg white, sugar, lavender and vanilla bean whip. (I'll give you whipped cream and a sugared lemon)

Serve in collins glass with ice. (Got that part)
Garnish with a single geranium flower. (Fresh out of geraniums. Ya wanna sugared lemon wedge? Some whipped cream, maybe?)

It's clearly a show drink, but it sounds pretty, and delish... even though I have no idea what's in it. Still, it won the Cocktail World Cup, and that's good enough for me. For now. I'm humbled, thank you very much.

The World Cup starts on Friday, and I've got to come up with a drink.

A toast to the dreamers.

Well, I thought about the army
Dad said, "Son, you're fuckin' high"
And I thought, "yeah, there's a first for everything"
So I took my old man's advice
Three sad semesters, it was only 15 grand
Spent in bed
I thought about the army
I dropped out and joined a band instead

- Ben Folds Five, "Army"

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