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Friday, June 16, 2006

Everybody Loves a "Hottest Bartender" Contest

I'm aware of two Hottest Bartender Contests taking place; I'm a contestant in neither.

First up? America's Hottest Bartenders Contest, which I didn't realize existed (tip from Mike at CityGuide). Delightfully attractive folks abound at this link. Vote for your fave! Celebrate democracy! Seriously, I enjoy skilled bartenders in general, especially sexy ones, even though I'm a little salty that they didn't reach outside of the big cities.

AOL CityGuide - America's Hottest Bartenders

America's too big for one Hottest Bartender Contest, so Tabasco offers its own, recipe-based showdown, and being a hot sauce lover, this is something I could really get behind; in fact, maybe I should submit my Chernobyl Bloody Mary recipe?

Tabasco's Hottest Bartender Contest

Here's to hot bartenders, any way you shake it! Bottoms up!

In World Cup news, I totally Googled on purpose happened upon this site devoted to the lovely WAGs, as in, Wives and Girlfriends of the England football/soccer team:

Real Footballers' Wives Journal

They're frolicking about Germany, spending loads of money and looking Stepford-perfect. I think they're fantastic. A little eye candy, if you didn't get enough from the Hot Bartender contests.

Congratulations to England, but... all this build-up and hype over Crouch's Robo-Dance, and after today's goal, we got nada. What is that about? Americans are all about the endzone dance, ESPN taunted me, and I feel denied.

I'd like to thank Adidas for their latest World Cup commercial, since it introduced me to Jim Noir, and his music, and his following, irresistible lyrics.

If you don't give my football back
I'm gonna get my dad on you
I only kicked it over your fence
And broke a silly gnome or two
Eanie meany, run away, meany run away
Steal my football, run away
I'll get it back someday

- Jim Noir, "Eanie Meany"

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