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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's TavernWench's Birthday!

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One year ago today, I decided to entertain myself by starting and writing a blog about booze, bartending, the service industry, and other random topics of my choosing.

It occurred to me that, instead of risking my job by screaming my frustrations at my customers, it would be quite fun if I could just write about them. Everyone's been to a bar, right? I thought it might be something people were interested in...

Like all blogs, it was a masturbatory effort, and there were times when I really felt I had nothing to contribute; just another girl with a blog. I struggled at first, but when I began to hit my stride, you started reading and commenting. Who knew? Some of you even pulled up a bar stool and stayed until closing time, and it encouraged me to write even more about the nature of this business, as well as the kinds of things people actually talk about in bars... sports, politics, and sex. You're the best regulars a bartender could hope for.

The experiment worked, and it's been a blast. As cheesy-sentimental as it sounds, I really want to thank all of you who visit. I've had the best time with it, and it still blows my mind that anyone reads this blog at all. You warm my heart and sharpen my wit, and you inspire me to keep at it.

Thank you, TavernWench Readers, for an amazing year.

I'm honored to be your bartender. No tip required.

Happy Birthday to Me.

A Round of Guiness, On The House!

On Edit: That's the creepiest birthday cake photo I could find. If you can top it, I'm all eyes.