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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Healthy Choice, Part Deux

I'm pleased to report that my second attempt at actually enjoying a Healthy Choice entree wasn't as traumatic as my first.

This is the Meatloaf dinner, and the cooked version somewhat resembles the package this time, don't you think?

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Pretty tasty too, after loading it down with pepper and salt. The only drawback was the apple dessert... awful, and it made my kitchen smell like a DuPont Napalm factory. I wonder what they put in that sauce... on second thought, no. No, I do not.

I planned to settle down with my brown beef/pork patty, watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and flip through some mags, hence the Linsday Lohan cover. Maybe she should take the hint and try eating something?

Hey, Linds... just stay away from the macaroni and cheese. Even I had trouble keeping it down, and I was quite hungry at the time. I just don't think you're ready, hon.