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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nick Lachey's Guy Got 708 Votes.

That's right, bitches! 708 votes. Bring it!!

(When I first published this post, Jeffre had received 54 votes. Nice comeback, Jeff.)

Pepper Leading In (Cincinnati) Mayoral Primary Election Returns (7:52 pm)

Mallory, Pepper To Face Off In November Election (Cincinnati) (11:41 pm)

I don't think Justin Jeffre was a bad candidate for mayor, and I admire the fact that he got off his ass and did something. I think he should lick his wounds, study politics, and try again. But here's a piece of homespun advice, Mr. Jeffre... next time, when in need of local political credibility, don't hold a fundraiser starring Nick Lachey.

Fourteen-year-olds don't have the vote. Yet.

Today was Election Day! Who knew?