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Monday, August 01, 2005

If you live in OH-2 and you're not voting for Paul Hackett...

... you haven't been paying attention.

It's amazing, the national attention this race is getting. The special election is Tuesday, and it feels like Bush-Kerry redux around these parts.

On ABC's "World News Tonight", Paul Hackett was shown telling a voter, "If you send me to Congress, at least you won't have to send me on any kind of fact-finding mission about Iraq." It was compelling. Get to know him, and give what you can.

Hackett for Congress - Official Site

Contribute to Paul Hackett via Atrios

Swing State Project - On-the-ground updates from Bob Brigham

I know the voters of this district. It's been said before, and it bears repeating... candidates are like sports teams around here. Loyal fans root for Team Bush, and its farm team, Team Jean Schmidt, facts about war, commitment, sacrifice, and truth be damned.

If you live in OH-2, please vote on Tuesday, August 2nd, for Paul Hackett. Support the troops, by sending one to Congress.

Update - 8-2-05: Happy election day, Buckeyes! I've gotten a few emails about this post, which goes to show you the national attention the congressional special election in OH-2 has received. Some of you are batshit crazy, I'll tell you that much.

If anyone wants to know what this post has to do with bartending, well, my workplace is located smack dab in the middle of OH-2, so I happen to give a damn who our representative to Congress will be, Mr. Rude Jerky from Missouri, which is especially nowhere near OH-2. So there. Why do you guys hate America?