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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

One Order of Freedom Fries, Please

It's high time liberal bloggers gave a little bandwidth to this story. I'm surprised and disappointed that we haven't thus far. The story of Walter B. Jones (R- NC) deserves so much more...

March 2003:

House cafeterias change name for "French" fries and "French" toast

June 2005:

Heartache moves Republican to to call for Iraq pullout

What a difference two years, and a shifting American mood, makes.

A toast to Walter B. Jones, a conscientious and thoughtful man, a congressman who's put his money where his mouth is in terms of this war and his own culpability. His own recounting of the letters he's written to Iraq war widows, widowers and family members moved me to tears during his segment on last week's Sunday political talk shows. This week, he introduced a bipartisan bill to Bring Them Home, standing next to Dennis fuckin' Kucinich, no less. What he's doing is so honorable, and it's what you'd expect (but rarely receive) from a member of The Hill. Finally.

If he were in my district, I'd vote for him, party lines and past grudges be damned.