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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Snow Geese

I paced the bar like a lioness tonight. There was little or nothing to do, and it just made me nervous. I desperately wanted to appear busy to the bored customers who seemed to stare at the bar all evening.

A newlywed couple of Canadian Snow Geese have set up house in our parking lot, and it's most unfortunate for them. Our owner moved their lone, large egg, hoping they'd set off to look for it, but the couple remain. A part of me feels that we should think like the bird, and possibly destroy her next egg, making her think a predator was nearby and that her nesting place wasn't safe. But who could actually perform the act of destroying the egg?

Yes, the evening was that slow. A few April Fools' Pranks would have helped, but nobody seemed in the mood.

Our beloved Joe and Rosemary dined at the Tavern again tonight. Owner's Wife let it be known that it was Joe's birthday, and we all decided to serenade him. At the given moment, most of the back and front of house staff encircled his table and sang a hearty "Happy Birthday." Watching him become a little misty-eyed was our reward. I think it would be fun to have April Fools' Day as your birthday!

Shortly before our serenade, a customer inquired of Angela, "We're celebrating tonight! Could the staff sing 'Happy Birthday'?"

"No, we don't do that here," Angela replied. "But I'll bring you a free dessert with candles!"

Angela wasn't looking forward to closing that check.

Happy Birthday, Joe!