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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quest for The Great White Russian

Bartenders of the world, a plea... please begin, if you haven't already, using Stoli Vanilla (or the call vanilla vodka of your choice) in your White Russians. Use nothing less than whole milk; half-n-half is preferable. Of course, heavy cream makes it simply divine. Kahlua, and Kahlua only. Unless you're running some kind of Happy Hour, in which case DeKuyper, I suppose. Try building it on ice in a snifter, they look even more delightful that way. Lightly stir after adding the cream; give it a little swirly color. Say "cheers" as you serve it, and think of the one you're going to make yourself the second your shift ends.

Put a little love in your White Russians. One of the classics.