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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ben Affleck - Last of the Great Big Tippers?

While enjoying a cut and re-touch color at the salon today, I flipped through the newest Us Weekly, a guilty pleasure reserved only for girly salon days. Or so I tell myself. I eat the celeb gossip stuff like it's free steak.

It featured an article about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (Bennifer Deux?) enjoying lunch at some trendy LA power lunch joint, and tipping $70 on a $40 check. A $40 check for lunch in Los Angeles. Who knew?

Ben's becoming reknowned for his above-the-top tipping habits. I do hope it becomes a trend among celebrities, but he's the one whose generosity is written about most.

Since Ben's generosity is high on the tabloid fodder list, I do think it's time for all of us to acknowledge the wonderful example he sets for those who have too much. And we simply must give props to Ben for knowing how to work publicity. I'm finally willing to forgive him for his portrayal of a randy bartender in "200 Cigarettes."

Historical proof of why wait staff of all stripes love Ben Affleck:

National Enquirer - July 2003

Ben Affleck's not totally J.Lo-whipped! Poolside in Vegas under the watchful eye of his tightfisted fiance, generous Ben.Lo -- who'd won big at the gaming tables -- gave their waiter a $100 tip. But when Jennifer excused herself for a moment, he called the guy back and slipped him another FIVE Benjamins!

Premiere Magazine - Undated; likely J-Lo Era

Certainly not Affleck; he has been tipping the cocktail waitresses with $100 chips. He knows it won't last forever, and he wants to make the most of it.

OK, Affleck's obviously a great tipper, and it amuses me to imagine bartenders/cocktailers/servers/dealers fighting over him.

But I'd like to see Ben work on his screenplay choices.

If you're a fan of "Armageddon", be prepared to defend it vigorously. That's what the comment section is for.

At any rate, I raise my glass to Ben Affleck. Thanks, on behalf of all of us, for feeling the power of walking into an eatery and making someone's day. It's obvious he gets as much a kick out of it as we do.

Oh, and thanks for the latest "Project Greenlight", too, Ben! The unstable director, Gulager, is the best casting job I've ever witnessed.