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Sunday, March 27, 2005

You can't keep a good basketball fan down.

Keeping the average southwestern Ohio man away from The NCAA Elite 8 (or whatever in the fuck stupid name they've given it) is like hiding the cocaine from Anna Nicole Smith. They'll find what they're looking for.

There were two different, large walk-in parties at The Taverna this evening, each with their own portable television (our restaurant is senza video, naturalmente) , and each party reveled in keeping the remaining diners in the loop as far as scores and what-not. You can't help but admire the kind of fellas who, knowing our restaurant doesn't provide television, bring their own and enjoy a delicious dinner because they love the restaurant so much. Their scorekeeping made for great icebreakers, and the mood was upbeat and fun all evening. The servers and bartenders enjoyed the updates, as we're senza video as well.

Honestly, there weren't many diners at all. Easter weekend + NCAA Tournament = Slooooow night. A developing theme.

I had much more affection for March Madness back in my sports-bartending days.
We had a large party in the banquet room tonight; a woman celebrating her 90th birthday! The party was lovely, dressed to the nines, and drinking heavily. It was a well-organized affair and moved smoothly. Exactly the type of party you would like to be invited to. It turns out that the birthday girl was a Holocaust survivor, and there was a touching testament to that effect during the speeches. The entire staff felt blessed to be in the presence of her, and her beautiful family and friends.

To Life.