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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Kid

Let's just get to the point... New Kid isn't going to last.

The thing about bartending, much like serving, is that you either got it or you don't. New kid don't. It's clear, simple and clean. He just has no sense of urgency; he's the kind of bartender perfectly content with shining glassware while thirsty customers pound the wood.

Saturday night, three deep at the bar, the service bar printer singin' in the rain. Complete chaos. Bar crammed with hipster martini drinkers. "May we see your martini menu?" they inquired. We don't have one, of course, but the bartenders are happy to suggest some "fun" martinis for the gals. They always settle on Cosmos or Appletinis... this is known by the bartender in advance. Makes it all the more annoying to run through your repertoire of "fun" martinis when you know exactly what they're going to order.

New Kid just never got that far. Immediately frustrated with the pack of women, he disappeared on a glassware quest and wasn't seen again for nigh on 15 minutes. Can't handle "the weeds." I don't see a future in him for busybusy bartending. I personally don't enjoy sharing my tips while doing 80% of the work, but that's another vent.

Nice cat, New Kid, though. Loves dogs, cute Boston accent, years and years of experience. I could learn from him, but this gig is not his thing. I can feel it, the servers can feel it, and I wonder if he'll even show up for his next shift.